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Loupe and grain is a creative agency that connects *BIPOC visual creatives to businesses seeking diverse perspectives.

We know that businesses are striving to be more inclusive, and there is a common misconception that there is a limited pool of available diverse talent; we are here to debunk that myth. There is a need to help elevate underrepresented creatives through storytelling, exposure, and primarily job placement.

Helping BIPOC creatives find Creative opportunities

We are building a community of BIPOC visual creatives and businesses that care about elevating diverse perspectives. Our agency seeks to match BIPOC creatives to job opportunities. Fill out the form to join our creative agency. 

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How We Do IT


We do this by building a large community of established diverse creatives.


Finding the perfect creative to compliment the business’s need.


Providing support to both parties throughout the engagement to ensure successful collaboration. 

We believe that imagery has a powerful influence, and access to diverse perspectives helps shape the world we live.

Loupe and Grain CO-FOUNDERS

Our Talent

Our Talent​

Our vetted group of underrepresented visual creatives. Our goal for Our Talent is to help promote their work, match them with opportunities that match their interests and help them land jobs.


Our Client​

Vetted businesses that care about finding diverse talent and helping to widely share their work and perspectives. Our goal for Our Clients is to help them discover a diverse pool of creative talents that meet their project requirements.