Creating economic opportunity for creatives in the workforce

How We Work


We do this by building a large community of established diverse creatives.


Finding the perfect creative to compliment the business’s need.


Providing support to both parties throughout the engagement to ensure successful collaboration. 

We believe that imagery has a powerful influence, and access to diverse perspectives helps shape the world we live.

Erika and Valerie - Loupe + Grain CO-FOUNDERS
Loupe + Grain is a creative staffing agency that connects BIPOC, women and LGBTQA+ visual creatives to businesses hiring creative talent. 

Loupe and Grain is a platform for creatives to get hired. Our mission is to help talented but overlooked creatives land freelance, full-time and part-time positions usually not reserved for them. We do this by matching talented creatives with people looking to fill creative roles.

Work With Us

Our goal is to connect the right people and to ensure that the movement to address representation across tech, business and media is open to everyone. We are building a platform to match creatives looking for opportunities with opportunities they didn’t even know existed. The industry needs us, so whether you’re looking for your next role or recruiting new talent–we want you to work with us.

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Our Talent​

Our vetted talent represents underrepresented visual creatives. We help our talent by promoting their work, providing portfolio reviews, and matching them with opportunities that match their interests. Our goal is to help them land paid opportunities.

Our Client​s

Our clients are companies and individuals that care about hiring qualified creative talent. We help our clients discover a diverse pool of creative talents and match them to creatives looking to lend their work and perspectives. Our goal is to make it easier for clients to find creative talent.