Demand for Change in Visual Media

THERE is no current, single source of peoples’ prejudices. In addition, the source of fear expressed toward people of color remains ever elusive. We know that America was built to purposely keep minorities and indigenous people before the oppressors. One must ask the question: What is the cause of Karen’s deep-rooted fear of black people? Although there exist many answers to this question, one of the major contributing factors is that historically, images in advertisements, TV, films, and all other forms of visual media have been controlled by the oppressors, who present their points of view and overall agendas. These images are used to support the narrative that BLACK PEOPLE ARE TO BE FEARED AND THEY ARE NOT WORTHY OF BASIC CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

With widespread, quick access to cameras on our mobile phones, images and videos have played an integral part in visually showing people the truth and they have unveiled the institutionalized racism that is thriving in America. Everyone can now view footage of brown people’s lives being thrown in the “trash” by those who are enjoined to “protect and serve.” Exposed are those individuals who constructed the justice system to “protect and serve” those they deem worthy of saving.

At Loupe and Grain, we believe diversity, inclusion, and equality are more important now than ever. We stand in solidarity with those fighting to make our world a better place for the generations to come. We are dedicated to advocating and supporting people of all backgrounds, regardless of color, sex, gender identity, religion, and ability. We see the importance of having diverse people in workplaces, communities, politics, and classrooms. We often ask: What else can be done to help change the narrative and perceived prejudices that go tandem with simply “being one’s self.”

Our mission is to broaden the landscape of visual media, thus including a more diverse and realistic portrayal of people who have been underrepresented and who historically have had no control over their own representation. We connect photographers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers with hopes of building a community of underrepresented people who wish to share their experiences, thus changing the way society views people of color, people with disabilities, and the LGBTQIA+ community

We founded Loupe and Grain on the premise that people come from diverse backgrounds, and those backgrounds help shape us and the communities we represent. We need better representations in visual media. We know how important images are to the world and how a photo can control the narrative. We understand that images and videos, with proper context, can be used to inform, educate, and develop understanding and compassion. We must all do our part to help control the images that represent us. We are working on behalf of every underrepresented community to end discrimination. 

Society is waking up to the fact that we cannot passively hope that systemic racism will eventually get “fixed.” More and more allies are joining the conversation. Such allies have been called to educate themselves, and they are taking hold of their power and are standing beside those whose voices have been dampened. We are here to keep working on new ways to change the narrative. We stand with you in protest. Together we will fight to change how our oppressors see us! We seek an understanding that incorporates ALL basic human rights, including breathing, running, brushing our hair, eating skittles (among others).

We are committed to facilitating the change that is greatly needed in the world. Together we will stand up against oppression, discrimination, and inequality in all its forms. We fight for an EQUAL seat at the table!


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