What is Loupe and Grain?

We are examining the current visual landscape at a granular level and highlighting the missing perspectives.
maternity photo of a black woman with long curly hair wearing a gold crown and a sheer beige tulle dress.

What is Loupe + Grain?

Both of these words are derived from the roots of photography. A Loupe is used to closely examine a contact sheet of thumbnail images in order to choose which photos you’d like to print. The act of closely examining is a crucial part of our process.

Grain is the random texture found on processed film, made up of small particles of metallic silver, a light-sensitive material which turns dark when exposed to light. These silver particles are what block light coming through the film/negative in order to then expose the light-sensitive paper to make a print/positive.

Therefore, the Grain is what photos are made of. Even though we have adapted to use mainly digital media, we apply the same level of care and thoughtfulness into our work as Gordon Parks did in the darkroom gently rocking his developer tray to magically reveal a fleeting moment caught in time.

We are examining the current visual landscape at a granular level and highlighting the missing perspectives.



  • Break the glass ceiling for BIPOC* creatives in the creative industry. 

  • Building wealth in overlooked communities through job opportunities.

  • Increase accessibility to BIPOC creatives

  • Raise awareness of overlooked stories


Loupe and Grain is a creative staffing agency that connects talent with companies looking for freelancers, part-time and full-time employees.

If you are a creative, artist, or multi-hyphenate, we’d love to have you join our community. Learn more about our open roles.


If you are a non-profit, small business, corporation or entrepreneur we would love to work with you. Learn more about ways we can help you find talent.



*BIPOC, stands for Black, Indigenous, People of Color.



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